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Financial Institution

Determining if a merchant processing solution is right for you.

How your organization can benefit by offering a merchant processing solution.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments: Today’s Reality.

Driving catalysts for virtual payment activities within organizations.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments: Convergence of Treasury and Payments.

Understanding the integrated value proposition.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments: Benefits to Offering Virtual Payments as a Treasury Solution.

Understanding how virtual payments have become an essential part of clients’ treasury “tool box”.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments Customer Benefits: Transforming Accounts Payable From A Cost Center To A Profit Center.

Turning accounts payable on its head.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments Customer Opportunities: Eliminating Dependency On Paper.

Helping your customers streamline payables processes.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments: Education Uncovers—and Converts—Prospects.

Educating not only clients, but colleagues as well.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments Supplier Enablement: Making Suppliers Equal Partners.

Broadening acceptance of virtual payment solutions.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments: Tomorrow's Eventuality.

Leveraging emerging payment solutions.

Financial Institution

Press release earlier this year indicates lending application decrease.

Survey indicates a decrease in applications although should this cause concern?

Financial Institution

The effectiveness of the Truth in Lending/ RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule.

A 2017 survey indicates some homebuyers were caught off guard when presented with their final closing costs.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments: Technology's Impact on the Future of Payments.

"Electronifying” the future of payments.

Financial Institution

Selecting a merchant processing partner.

Consider these attributes before selecting your merchant services partner.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments Supplier Opportunities: Faster Payments, More Working Capital.

Overcoming barriers through collaboration.

Financial Institution

Virtual Payments: Customer Success: What’s It Look Like?

Providing a win/win for customers and your financial institution.

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